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What is is a repository of open source software that is written in PL/SQL or is otherwise for the benefit of PL/SQL developers. You can read more about the project's background or read the FAQ.
What's new at

May 2002

  • Rearranged the site. Made the catalog the opening page, and this page a subordinate. Removed links to Netmind, which is no longer free.

April 2001

September 2000

  • Here are the slides for a short presentation written for a October 2000 meeting of PL/SQL folks at Oracle OpenWorld 2000. Requires Adobe Acrobat reader.
  • You can find this page at At least, it's supposed to work now.
  • I made a little logo for the site (see above)
How to contribute open source PL/SQL

We don't yet provide a way to submit and manage your own entries, but if you send email I'll put your entry in the catalog.

Catalog development status
If you want to help build the repository system itself, there is a PLNet project created at SourceForge. At the moment we're using it mostly for distribution lists: plnet-announce for official announcements and plnet-discuss for unmoderated discussion.
What the repository will contain
See the list at left for a sample.

So far, we have endorsements from the following individuals (listed alphabetically), many of whom have kindly offered to make initial contributions to the repository:

Steven Feuerstein, well-known author and lecturer on all things PL/SQL. Steven's personal page is here.
Jonathan Gennick, author of the only book(s) in print on SQL*Plus. Read about him here.
Sean Hull, consultant, frequent contributor to the ORACLE-LINUX-L mailing list, and co-author of an upcoming book on using open source software with Oracle
Darryl Hurley, PL/SQL programming whiz and key contributor to the Oracle PL/SQL Developer's Workbook
Dwayne King, a prolific Canadian poster to the Revealnet PL/SQL Pipeline. Dwayne lives and dies for PL/SQL.
Peter Koletzke, author of Oracle Developer Advanced Forms and Reports and a driving force behind the great content at the IOUG-A web site. Also maintains a site of his own Oracle stuff.
Frank Naudé
, the South African maintainer of the PL/SQL FAQ. Here's his personal page.
Rich Niemiec, CEO of TUSC and editor of Select magazine.
Chris Racicot, head of the PL/SQL development team at Oracle Corporation.
Joe Trezzo, President and COO of TUSC.
Tom White, President of Revealn
et, and a real nice guy you should get to know.

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